Family history

The family history pages….

The links available on the drop down menu are historic photo albums compiled by my father, Paul Zupanc. These are all old images, dating from the 1940’s with the most recent ones being from the 1990’s.
Some are his own photos, others are photos sent to him by friends and relatives.
There are a lot of photos with writing on them, almost all of this writing is not in english! Any help with translating or with explaining images would be greatly appreciated.

The photos are in albums. Hover your mouse over an image and the image name will appear. Click on an image and a lightbox view will open and any captions that are recorded with the image will be shown in the upper left of your screen. Any translations or explanations that anyone can give me will appear as captions. To send feedback or give information, use the contact form at the bottom of each album, quoting the image name each time.

Happy browsing!